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Reducing light pollution and protecting our naturally dark landscapes wherever they are still to be found.

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Our Mission

Dark Skies Matter seeks to reduce the prevalence and harmful effects of unnecessary, artificial light and to protect fragile oases of natural darkness wherever they are still to be found.

Light pollution is the soiling of the twilight and night-time environment by artificial light. The loss of natural night and the damage and waste caused by light pollution affect us all and should matter to everyone.

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Why light pollution matters and the harm that it does.

Our Declaration

It destroys a precious heritage of natural beauty that for millennia has inspired us and expanded our understanding.

It is wasteful, consuming resources unnecessarily and contributing to climate change.

It destroys the natural darkness that is essential to human health and well being.

It disrupts wildlife and impacts the wider ecology and biodiversity

It travels far from its source, escaping to pollute the countryside.

Our roads and neighbourhoods can still be safe with informed lighting design and practice

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Federation of Astronomical Societies

All Party Parliamentary Group for Dark Skies

Landscapes for Life

Royal Astronomical Society

Campaign for National Parks

Friends of the Earth

The Commission for
Dark Skies

University of Surrey

Friends of the Lake District

The Campaign for The Protection of Rural Wales

Surrey Hills AONB

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CPRE Surrey

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Surrey Wildlife Trust

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Chasing Stars

North Essex Astronomical Society

Guildford Astronomical Society

North Essex Astronomical Society

Societe Astronomique de Geneve

Go Star Gazing

Leeds Astronomical Society

Melton & District
Astronomical Society

Leicester Astronomical Society

Mansfield & Sutton Astronomical Society

Astronomical Society

CPRE Avon & Bristol

Wild Classroom

Hydrangea House

CPRE South Oxfordshire

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Join us & Fill this space

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See What Everyone's Saying

I am old enough to remember a time when the night sky was much darker than it is today. The skies then, when it was clear, seemed to contain far more stars than you can see now, set against a blacker backdrop. … You would look up in wonder at such a sky. Such a sky would have inspired people to become scientists in the past. It is a loss that really can be reversed, by being sensible as to how we light up property and streets at night.

Andrew Atterbury

Even in the depths of the countryside, genuine dark starry nights are becoming harder to find –security lights, floodlights and streetlights all break into the darkness, blurring the distinction between town and countryside. Not only that, but light pollution is shown to be harmful to wildlife, to our own health and well-being, and excess light is contributing to our carbon emissions.

Sophie Spencer

CPRE Avon and Bristol

Conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the dark night skies of the Mendip Hills AONB not only gives our and future generations the opportunity to observe the stars and the nocturnal world around us, but most importantly ensure the recovery of nature. By signing up to the Dark SkiesMatter campaign we are raising awareness of the natural beauty of the dark night skies of theAONB and the nocturnal environment, helping to ensure that dark night skies will be above us for the future.

Judith Chubb-Whittle Mendip Hills AONB

Darkness is habitat

Victoria Ewart

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Champion good lighting practice by example:

Ditch non-essential external lights
Moonlight and the starry sky are more beautiful than any ’designer’ lighting or anything you can buy in a DIY store

Keep lights off except when needed

Don’t leave lights on all night. Instead, use properly adjusted sensors so that lights are activated when needed and promptly turned off afterwards

Use light fittings that direct and confine light to the task in hand

Purposeful lighting goes only where it’s needed and doesn’t spill into the neighbourhood or the sky

Ensure that lights are only as bright as they need to be

Scale essential lighting to the situation - needlessly bright lights are most likely to intrude and pollute by glare, reflection and scattering

Favour warm-toned light

The blue-rich light included in the emissions of brilliant white LEDs is particularly far-reaching and harmful

Inform, experience and share

• Explain to others the many ways in which natural darkness is beneficial and light pollution harmful.

• Visit dark places, preferably with others, to experience for yourself the beauty of natural night, its power to heal, inform and inspire.

• Tell others about Dark Skies Matter and feel free to download the Dark Skies Matter logo to display and share. You can download it here

• If you represent an organization, please consider adding your voice to those of our Founder Supporters and allowing us to display your logo alongside theirs. You can do so here

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