Dark Skies Matter

Reducing light pollution and protecting our naturally dark landscapes wherever they are still to be found.

What You Said About Dark Skies

I love the night sky and feel it is essential for health and well-being – not just for humans but for wildlife. The sky belongs to us all and no-one has the authority, in my opinion, to take it from us.

Nikki Chambers

Having no dark skies would be like living in a house with no windows.

David Arditti

Nature has never experienced light at night like this and we will surely pay the price.

Esmond Reid

Dark skies should be enjoyed by everyone. A clear night is a wonder of the world. Sadly, dark skies are disappearing fast. We must reverse this trend before it’s too late.

Nik Szymanek

Light pollution interferes with natural cycles.

Gavin Blade

Most of the time I live near Geneva, Switzerland. The Société Astronomique de Genève, my local club, has been very active in educating the public about the effects of light pollution for many years, culminating in a Switching Off event of all public lighting in the canton and city of Geneva, the neighbouring districts of the canton of Vaud and many communities of neighbouring France, affecting over 500,000 people. My second home is in Suffolk, which still enjoys relatively dark skies but is threatened with “development projects” where light pollution may not be a priority. I would like to offer sharing the experience of our local efforts in Switzerland to help the situation in Britain.

Olaf Kirchner

Dark skies allow us to observe the majestic beauty the universe has to offer; it is a portal to the past and our future. As astronomers, we already have to battle the weather and, with urban development expanding into the countryside, it is becoming ever more difficult to find a dark space to explore the night sky. It is vital that we protect our dark skies so future generations can enjoy the same wonder that previous generations have had for thousands of years.

North Essex Astronomical Society

There’s nothing quite as awe-inspiring as looking up at the Milky Way on a dark night.

Sue Tombs

I want to enjoy the peace, beauty and sense of awe that you are part of the universe that you feel whilst looking at the stars.

Heather Aitken

Rwy’n caru’r nos pan mae’r awyr yn llawn o ser. Mae’n arall-fydol! I love the dark nights when the heavens are filled with stars. You are transported to other worlds beyond. Many years ago I stopped a street-lighting effort in my proudly dark valley. Good luck to “Dark skies Matter”. Hwyl Fawr!

Marian Rees

I love the night sky and the dark environment.

Graham Bryant

To protect wildlife, the climate and to preserve dark skies for astronomy.

Shaun O'Dell

As a lifelong astronomer, the diminishing dark skies are a detriment to both humans and wildlife alike.

Michael Bryce

There is too much light scatter from neighbourhood house lights. Especially so called security flood lights. There need to be legislative controls.

Martin Baker

I am a keen amateur astronomer and also a wildlife enthusiast.

Patrick McEvoy

Light pollution affects access to the night skies, harms the environment, impacts wildlife and wastes money lighting the sky.

Paul Daniels

For my astronomy, mountaineering, environment and happiness!

Richard Field

An amateur astronomer, all we see, observe and image depends on the darkness of the night.

William Bottaci

One of my hobbies is astronomy. In a recent star count I could only count four stars inside the constellation of Orion including the three ‘belt’ stars from my back garden. This is down to the orange street lights which surround the area which are completely unnecessary in my opinion.

Paul Freeman


Rob Fairbanks

As a child I saw the stars I would like to see them again. If you walk in the dark with barefoot shoes you can feel and increasingly see as night vision returns your way. Light creates fear at night.

MJ Alderman

Dark skies matter for maintaining as natural an environment as possible for our ecology. We don’t always need to light up the dark!

Josie Peach

We live in the Chilterns AONB, a very affluent part of the country. Our dark skies are blighted not only by light from nearby towns but also from unessential external lighting and light spillage from extensive areas of glazing without curtains or blinds from the many large houses nearby.

Judith Crockett

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