Dark Skies Matter

Reducing light pollution and protecting our naturally dark landscapes wherever they are still to be found.

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Our bodies need the restorative darkness of natural night as much as they need the bright light of day. But light pollution is destroying this crucial balance, compromising our well-being and the lives of our fellow creatures, wasting resources and contributing to climate change.

Because of light pollution, we are in danger of losing forever the beauty of the natural night and its power to heal and inspire – a heritage that has been ours from the earliest times. Why are we allowing this to happen? Light pollution is litter, harmful and wasteful. It does nothing useful at all.

Welcome to Dark Skies Matter!

Our mission is to combat the spread of light pollution and its ill effects and to protect naturally dark landscapes wherever they are still to be found. We would love for you to join us!

We can reduce light pollution and still do all the things we need to do. There are no downsides to doing so, only upsides - and there are big savings to be made. As an individual, organization or community, you can make a difference:Ditch unnecessary external lights – the starry night is much prettier. Turn off lights when they’re no longer doing something usefulChoose lights just bright enough for the job and no brighter. Avoid white LEDs, which are cheap but environmentally damagingUse fittings designed to confine light to where it is needed. Properly managed light doesn’t escape into the neighbourhood or up into the sky. Explain to others why natural darkness is important and light pollution harmful. Visit dark places, preferably with others, to experience for yourself the beauty of natural night, its power to heal, inform and inspire.Support our Declaration. Send us your logo so that we can present it alongside those of our Founder Supporters. Grab the Dark Skies Matter logo to display on your own site. Together we can help bring back natural darkness and make the night health-giving and beautiful again.

The reasons to value dark skies are many, as are the ways in which light pollution is degrading the quality of our lives and our well-being. The wide-ranging interests of our founder supporters mirror this diversity. Please consider adding your voice to theirs.

You can help Dark Skies Matter grow in numbers and influence by registering your support below.

Script & Background Image by John Evans, presented by a professional actress.

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